Research interests

I strive to develop techniques that permit to broaden our scientific knowledge of organic wastes, and to offer the possibility of using them in new, effective, environmentally correct, economically viable, and socially acceptable ways.

Land application of organic wastes and composts is an alternative disposal method both in recycling nutrient essential for plant growth and in increasing soil fertility. I have focused my activity on the quantification of the effects of organic materials in on the soil ecosystem services of supply, support and regulation.

In most of my projects we use organic and inorganic amendments for bioremediation of trace element contaminated soils. I am certain that phytotechnologies, particularly assisted phyto-stabilization, offer efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives for the in situ restoration of soils, improving the soil quality and their living organisms.

I believe that due to the climate change perspectives, it is urgent to promote agricultural practices that help to confer a greater stability of agricultural systems. We are studying the influence of organic matter on the resistance of soils to droughts mediated by its effects on soil organisms.